Thankful in ALL Things

I’ve been trying to practice the idea of “Thankful in ALL Things”.  When life hands you lemons you make limoncello for example…ok maybe not the best example…most days I fail at this, but yesterday was a success!

I got my first ever speeding ticket!  I’ve had a lead foot since I learned how to drive 25 years ago, I’ve just been lucky enough to know when I really need to slow down and at LEAST a trio of Guardian Angels to keep me safe. :)  

I didn’t even get angry when I saw the lights behind me…mainly just confusion cause I hadn’t done anything wrong!  The Officer was polite..or at least as police in that little town get.  I had hoped he would be nice and just give me a warning, but nope, wrote me a $197 ticket.  I smiled and signed the ticket and wished him a nice day(in my nice voice not the scary passive/aggressive I will eat your soul voice) and calmly drove off.

Normally I would be stressing out wondering how I would be able to pay a ticket, but yesterday I didn’t stress!  Things are taken care of!  Yes, my newly formed vacation fund will have less money then originally planned at the end of the month, but at least I have something to draw from!!  I wouldn’t have been able to do that 3 months ago!!

I called my insurance company to find out if this would mess with my insurance rate and found out that for $185 I can take defensive driving and keep the ticket off my record but it would also give me discount on my car insurance!!  So I’m Blessed, even if I don’t always feel blessed in the moment!


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