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So…When I didn’t get to buy my house back in December, I scrambled and found a lease house.  I moved out of the house I was sharing with my sister and niece and “moved to town” I moved one of my long time clients, BD,   in with me as his home was unsafe and he was having social difficulties continuing to live in his old neighborhood.

Then in the middle of Febuary I finally got the call I had been hoping for! My agency needed placement for a woman, CW, who has IDD with high medical needs including being in a wheelchair and non-weight bearing.  Which for those who don’t know means she can’t support any of her own weight, which makes it almost impossible to get her in and out of a regular car.

It was a bit of a roller-coaster to get her moved in as her Mother/Guardian was against the move, but really didn’t have a choice.  She has been here almost 2 months and we are still working on finding our schedule and tolerance levels.  No one has ever bothered to question her medications before…I am.  We have made several very positive changes, and I’m hoping to make several more.

We have been in the lease house for almost 6 weeks and things are going well.  I’ve learned that I only THOUGHT I hated Sponge Bob and Family Guy before now…now I hate him/it with the blazing passion of all the levels of Dante’s Hell put together!  BD watches at least 3 hours of each a day. Since he is completely deaf in one ear and has profound hearing loss in the other during the day his TV is up pretty loud.  I’m working on getting him some headphones!

When I moved out, we also split finances.  I opened up a new private checking account and my sister no longer has access to spend my money.  I still transfer money over to the joint account to help cover bills…mainly because I’m an enabler and it’s what I’ve been raised to do!  But for the first time in years I have truly disposable income!  It pisses her off greatly, but I’m enjoying it! I’m getting ready to leave in a few days for a week long vacation in Seattle with some of my dearest friends. My first trip since our Disney “vacation” last May.

My stress levels are up, as my family doesn’t get my need for space and privacy or how hard it is to be on 24/7 with 2 special needs clients without the proper equipment!  I’m working on that too!!  It’s been very hard on both Baby B and myself to be separated like this, but the mental stress and atmosphere weren’t good for either of us when K & I were living together.  It is at least a few degrees better now.  I talk to her on the phone everyday and see her 2 or 3 times a week.  She usually spends at least 1 night a week with me as well.

While it may seem insane I’m hoping to get another high medical need foster in the next couple of months.  The extra income would let me hire a part time helper so I would have some real down time, it would also let me get things at the old house fixed up so I could either move back into it, or get it put on the market.  I’m ready to start living, and for me that means TRAVEL! I want to go to all of the places I have spent a life time reading about!!!