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So I’ve listened to the first two books in David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, On Basilisk Station & The Honor of the Queen.  I’m enjoying the series immensely! I will be starting book #3 soon.

There is a some wit, some tears and some bloody space battles!!  Think female Horatio Hornblower in space! (If you don’t know who Horatio Hornblower is…I’m sad and you need to read more!)

A fair warning to those who dislike profanity or listen to audiobooks in the car with your kids.  There are a few 4 letter words, especially in some of the battle scenes closer to the end of each book.   There is a point in each book where the “F” word makes an appearance.

If you enjoy tech detailed sci-fi this is a great series I think!! AND you can currently get the ebook together with the audible narration for about $2 for these first two books via Amazon.com!  Go to the regular Amazon website, the Kindle version of the books are free and you can “add narration” for $1.99 each.  If you go through the Audible webside you will have to use a credit or pay around $20 each for them!