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I actually READ this book! I know you probably thought I don’t really read, but I get a bit of time for ‘real’ books from time to time.  Ok, it was an e-book, but i actually read it with my eyes and not my ears for a change!

Me before You by Jojo Moyes was great!!  I saw the movie based on the book a few months ago and added the book to my ‘to read’ list…mainly so I could find out how much they messed up the movie.  Because as we all know seldom are the movie versions  any good when compared to the book.

This time I was surprised to find that the book and movie are almost identical!!  There were very few changes in the movie, and very little that actually change the story line.  I love both of them!

I struggled with the book in a good way.  I could so easily see myself as both Will and Louisa.  A doomed romance from the start and pain all around.

The “right to die” concept is one that I struggled with for years and now support whole heartedly.  I did hospice/palliative care for several years in my early twenties, and I promised myself I would never allow myself to be placed in that situation.  If I were to find that I had ALS(which runs in my family) or MS or any other terminal, degenerative disease I would want to end my life on my own terms in my own time.  There are very few things that I find more frightening then being a mind trapped in a shell of a body dependent on others for all my needs, possibly even for the air I breath.

A great book that I would encourage everyone to read!!