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Things have been crazy and i apologize for not blogging more often!! I’m attempting to buy my first house, and that process is going very slowly, and I’m still not sure if it’s actually going to happen. When I originally talked with the mortgage broker I was led to believe that my closing costs would be rolled into the body of the loan.  That’s not happening so I’m scrambling to try and find some extra money to cover the additional expense.  I completely jumped into this process without doing my normal months and years of research, so there is a whole other level of panic/unknown/lack of education that is causing stress.  That’s part of the reason I’m wide awake at 4am writing this blog post!

I’m hoping and praying that the new house happens, but it is all still up in the air.

Family life is…nutso as always.  Not much changes there sadly.  I’m so ready to split households!  K can be unbearable at times.  This last week a rat chewed a water pipe under the bathroom and I ended up spending two days fixing that leak, and a broken water pipe in the front yard that resulted when we tried to turn off the water to the house!  Thankfully I have basic plumbing skills and was able to fix it myself.  While crawling in the mud under the house I discovered a much worse leak that has been going on for quite a long time from the looks of it…was able to do a temporary fix on it, but will have to do something else with it later on.

I updated my passport book so I can fly internationally if the need/urge strikes!  Last year when we went to mexico for our surgeries K & I just got the passcards which are only good for cruising or driving in Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. BUT, there is a slight chance that I will go to China with a dear friend when she goes to pick up her new daughter later this fall as her husband can’t go with her.  So I figured I had better update just in case!!

If I do end up getting the new house I won’t be able to go to China..I don’t think, but we will see!!

Weight loss is at a stand still.  I haven’t lost anything for several months.  I know I can fix this by changing up my diet and getting back to the gym, but to be honest it’s not high on my priority list at the moment.  My stress levels are through the roof and I’m not going to make them worse by trying to censor my eating any more than I already do.  I met with a plastic surgeon at the beginning of July, and he thinks I should be able to have surgery pretty much when ever I want.  He did suggest that I try and lose another 20-40 lbs and stabilize there for a few months before I move forward, but he agreed that the sagging skin was a major obstacle to exercise and physical comfort and thought I would get decent results if I had surgery now.

Hopefully i will know what is going to happen with the new house this week, and can move forward from there.  If i don’t get the new house i will be moving into a rental house, renewing my gym membership and hopefully going to China!