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I had planned to read Louise L’mour’s The Shadow Riders as my book I haven’t read since High School only to discover that some how over the years I had never read it!!!  I’ve read a lot of L’mour books over the years, he is one of my Dad’s favorites and it’s something we could share.

I guess all we shared with this one was the movie, which I adore!!! But the book has very little to share with the movie! OHHHHH!!!!!

The Shadow Riders is the story of the Traven brothers who return to Texas from opposite sides of the Civil War to find that their family and friends have been taken captive by a Rebel general who isn’t ready to give up the war yet and plans to sell them off as slaves in Mexico in exchange for guns and food to start back up the war.

If you love the movie with Sam Elliott & Tom Selleck, try to think of this as an alternate reality of that story.  I still heard their voices in my head as I read the book, I don’t think anyone who has ever watched the movie could read it any other way…plus Sam Elliott’s voice makes just about everything better!

This is a very short read, took me less than 90 minutes to finish it.  It did leave me wanting more story though.  The movie fills in a lot of blank areas that readers who aren’t use to westerns expect to have filled in for them.

A great quick read, but probably not the first book I would have someone read as an introduction to L’mour or westerns.