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I’m down the the last 8 or 10 books on my list and they are harder reads…so I’m avoiding them!!  Books 55-59 have been a GREAT distraction from the tougher reads!!

I have listened to all 5 of the Monster Hunter International books by Larry Correia.  They were all very good, and I’ve enjoyed following the series!

Here is a helpful tip for some of you when it comes to buying audiobooks.  There are many times when you can purchase the Kindle ebook and add the ‘whispersync’ or audio protion for a fraction of the cost of buying the actual Audible book!!  That’s what I did with all of these.  The books were about $7 each and for extra $2 I was able to add the audio.  So I got them for about $9 each.  If I had purchased them directly from the Audible.com website they would have cost me $17 each. This doesn’t work for every book, but for a lot of them!

Back to the books.  The first book introduces us to Owen Pitt an accountant who survives being attacked by his boss, a werewolf.  Owen enters a brand new world full of monsters that the government spends a lot of time trying to make sure the public knows nothing about. Thru Books 1-4 we follow the various adventures of Pitt and the MHI teams as they literally save the world(several times).  In book 5 we follow the story of Agent Franks…which I can’t tell you about without some major spoilers!!  Book 6 hasn’t been published, but it will be on my waiting list of must reads for sure!!!  If you enjoy Fantasy, sci-fi with just a touch of creepy not really scary horror this is a great set of books!!