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So book number 54 was a free download from audibles.com which has now suckered me into buying even more audiobooks by the same author….I know the word is SUCKER.

The book in question is The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent by Larry Correia this has to be the FUNNIEST book I have ever read or listened to in the last few years.  The hilarity was increased by being read by Adam Baldwin (who is also featured in the book as himself!) I’m simply going to copy and paste the blurb from Amazon as I can’t even start to give you an accurate review!!

Have you ever seen a planet invaded by rampaging space mutants from another dimension or Nazi dinosaurs from the future?

Don’t let this happen to you!

Rifts happen, so you should be ready when universes collide. A policy with Stranger & Stranger can cover all of your interdimensional insurance needs. Rated “Number One in Customer Satisfaction” for three years running, no claim is too big or too weird for Tom Stranger to handle.

But now Tom faces his greatest challenge yet. Despite being assigned the wrong – and woefully inadequate – intern, Tom must still provide quality customer service to multiple alternate Earths, all while battling tentacle monsters, legions of the damned, an evil call center in Nebraska, and his archnemesis, Jeff Conundrum. Armed with his Combat Wombat and a sense of fair play, can Tom survive? And will Jimmy the Intern ever discover his inner insurance agent?

It’s time to kick ass and adjust claims.

Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck) performs Larry Correia’s madcap interdimensional tale of underwriting and space travel, where the only thing scarier than tentacle monsters is a high deductible.

I don’t know if it would be as funny to just read it, but it was a riot to listen to in the car!