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I have been waiting for this book to come out for a year!!! Born of Legend by Sherrilyn Kenyon was worth the long, LONG wait!  There was no time to wait for for the audiobook to come out, so I actually read this one 🙂

This is the most recent book in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s League: Nemesis Rising Series.  I LOVE these books.  Her characters don’t always live happily ever after, families die, lovers are murdered etc, but they find a way through it continue their lives.  I see in most of her books 3 key ideas 1. Every being in the Universe has issues/flaws/problems. 2. No one is beyond forgiveness or redemption, even if they only get those things from themselves(and lets be honest, sometimes forgiving yourself can be the hardest thing to do!). & 3. There are two sides to every story or event.

Born of Legend brings all 3 of these together into an amazing 700+ page master work by Kenyon.

We were introduced to Julienne eton Anatole in previous books as the fat, drug addicted, asshole of a younger twin brother of Nykyrian who is only out to hurt Nykyrian and his friends. In one of the last books we got a rather uncomfortable glimpse at a different Julienne.  Now in Born of Legend we learn Julienne’s story and how sometimes the battle in our own heads is the hardest battle we can ever face.

These books are some of my all time favorites, yet I find them so incredibly hard to describe and explain.  I fear I just can’t do them justice!