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I wrote most of this post the day after my 40th birthday a month ago.

Baby B decided she needed to sleep with me Tuesday night.  It’s crazy how much room a 25 pound 36 inch long soon to be 3 year old takes up in a double bed!!  I’m constantly in awe of the whole nature vs. nurture thing.  She has my long suffering sigh when her Momma asks her to do something she thinks is pointless(just like I do!) but I digress – She also checks to make sure I’m still in bed with her on the rare nights she sleeps with me by reaching out and patting me.  This is only the 2nd time in the 7 or 8 months she has asked so I was happy to wake up to Birthday snuggles!

It was weird.  I was kind of expecting SOMETHING to feel better, different, changed even though I know it’s really just another day.

I got Baby B dressed to go to ‘school’, did a couple of loads of laundry and drive 45 minutes north to search through some old microfilm reels looking for a news article I need to help a soon to be new client.

All day there was this war going on in my head between Please Lord don’t let my family try and do an Over-the-Hill party or anything crazy like that! to Please Lord don’t let everyone for  get I even have a birthday! 

I have been blessed with one of the best friends in the world!!  She started sending me text messages at 9am(7am for her) and kept sending them all day!

I meet my Parents, K & Baby B and had Thai for a late lunch.  I got cards from them, Baby B & my mom sang me “Happy Birthday”

The Thai place has been a blessing, as it gives us somewhere different to eat and we can get everything with tofu instead of meat!  Being the only meat eater in a family of vegetarians has some major downsides when it comes to Celebration dinners.  Where do I want to eat? The awesome steakhouse!! Where do we go? Olive Garden or the Mexican place where there is good food for the Vegetarians.

Anyway…It wasn’t my best Birthday, but at least it wasn’t as bad as some of the milestone birthdays have been in the past. I think 40 is going to be okay.