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With much trepidation I listened to Looking for Alaska by John Green. A dog rescue acquaintance introduced me to John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars several years ago and I have slowly been reading his other books.  Usually he manages to find my slightly chilly, jaded heart, rip it out of my chest and hand it back to me saying “remember? You have one of these! USE IT!” I spent a full day in tears with snot running down my face as I read  The Fault in Our Stars.  Thankfully that didn’t happen with Looking for Alaska.

Looking for Alaska starts with us meeting Miles aka Pudge, a reed thin teenager with a penchant for learning the Last Words of people by reading biographies who is leaving his non-event of a life and going off to Culver Creek Boarding School several states away.

There he meets Alaska Young a vivacious, if not tortured girl who, along with the other friends he finds at Culver Creek changes his life and views forever.

Being a bit critical(and having attending a co-ed boarding school) I could pick apart this book, but I won’t.  I will say there is a lot more smoking, drinking, cussing and sex in this book then other John Green books I’ve read which would definitely bother the more conservative Christians.  But I think this book is a very realistic view of teen life for a large portion of American teens in this day and time.  That in and of itself is troubling.  yet I could so easily se my 16=17 year old self if removed from the safety of my Christian lifestyle/community back then being one of these characters!

i would give this at least 3.5 stars! And once I’ve recovered from this one, I’m sure I’ll pick up another John Green book so my jaded heart can be reminded yet again that it needs to FEEL more.