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I had planned to read My French Whore by Gene Wilder, but I had trouble finding a copy of it.  Then I found Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography.  I have to admit I love NPH, although I wasn’t really a fan of How I Met Your Mother, his body of work has been diverse and fun. I also fully admit to being totally in love with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a=long Blog!

This I got as an audiobook, I know it seems like that’s mainly what I’m doing these days, but I have SO much drive time with work it’s the only way I would get any “reading” done.

It was as wonderful as I expected, and as profane & profound as well. NPH gives you a fun, honest view of his life in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, with false stories of how thing MIGHT have been, usually with them ending with him dying on his way to a friend’s house. Also interspersed are magic card tricks that NPH loves.

There were funny bits, and poignant bits, but mostly a sense of honesty without giving in to the current “tell-all” mentality that celebrity autobiographies have these days. I would not listen to this book out loud or around kids as there is quite a bit of colorful language, less then I actually expected, but still there.

If you even slightly enjoy autobiographies i would highly recommend this in either book or audio format!!! 5 stars!