This evening I posted this message on my Facebook account “I don’t know why I’m still amazed at the unloving, alarmist, uninformed, and even hateful attitudes that come forth from supposed Jesus loving Christians. Most of ya’ll have never even met(knowingly) a Transgender individual let alone shared a bathroom with one. I have, numerous times! You know what happened??? I went into a stall and I PEED! You know what happened after that?? I washed my hands and left the bathroom!! And once,a very pretty lady with perfectly flawless makeup offered to show me how fix the mascara I was struggling to fix after someone made me cry in public. The fact that she may have had a penis at one time was never an issue or discussed. Over the last 28 yeas I have been accosted in public restrooms 4 times. Never once was it by a “man in a dress” or a “queer”. 3 of the 4 times it was by perky, blonde heterosexual(apparently) cheerleader types who thought it would be fun to try and scare the fat lady. Personally I think we need to ban them from the women’s bathroom as they are by far the most dangerous individuals I have ever encountered in a public bathroom.” Now I need to go in and link to this blog!! Thank you so much for expressing some of the same thoughts that have been going through my head!!