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I watched Miss You Already with Drew Barrymore & Toni Collette this this evening. I knew when I pulled it out of Red Box that I would cry.  All of the cancer movies make me cry.  Best Friends & Cancer? Just give me the whole damn box of tissues please!

This is probably my favorite Drew Barrymore movie of all time(E.T. doesn’t really count!) While there was silly spots of back story, this was NOT the silly goofy character she tends to play.  I saw a new, mature side of her and I really hope she continues along this line. Serious works for her!!

Toni Collette as the dying best friend Milly was also extremely well portrayed too.  Both the silly and the serious and everything in between.

I feel a connection to movies like these, even though I’ve never lost someone close to cancer.  Perhaps it’s simply the possibility  of it.  I vacillate between each of the characters, an empathy exists for each of them.

Perhaps its is simply the sense of loss that movies of this type bring out in me.  A loss of things never gained.  A loss of dreams deferred and then dreams lost.

Some times it doesn’t really matter that the tears are falling, only that they are falling.