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There has been lots of chatter the last few weeks about the bills in Mississippi and North Carolina.  Each side screaming that they need to be protected from the other.  Name calling, hate mongering and just basic disrespectful, hateful behavior all around seems to be the new norm.

I went in and read both bills this morning to make sure I had a strong understanding of what was actually being suggested and put into place.  Originally I was going to write about both bills, but the “Bathroom Bill” in North Carolina is a far cry away from the bill in Mississippi so I’m making them separate posts.

Mississippi Bill 1523 – Read it for yourself here.

This bill essentially allows any business, religious group or individual to refuse to provide services and or goods to LBGTQ people if it violates their personal religious or moral beliefs.  The State can not sue, punish, fire, or in anyway

My thoughts & opinions on MB 1523

Capitalism is a great thing.

If I want to run a Black Lives Matter, Kill all the Cops, and Straight People Only Florist Shop more power to me!  I need to advertise as such and hope my business can make a profit.

If I want to run an LBGTQ bakery and refuse to bake a birthday cake for a 10 year old straight kid’s birthday party more power to me! I need to advertise as such and hope my business can make a profit!

If something truly imposes on my religious & personal moral beliefs I should have the right to refuse to be involved.  I also have the right to reap the rewards or punishments of my action or inaction.

Personally, I’m going to let me money talk for me. If I have a problem with a business not treating me in a professional manner I’m going to make take my business to a place that will.

As a business owner I should have the right to run my business as I wish, so if that means ALL of my employees are required to wear hot pink & zebra striped hot shorts and bikini tops with swastikas over the nipples, it is MY BUSINESS, if seeing Joe Jr. & his little sister Bobby Sue in a bikini top offends you don’t get your oil changed at my Quick Lube Bikini Bar and tell your friends not to get their oil changed there either!

Encourage others to boycott my business, that’s the great thing about free speech.  If you don’t like me you can shout it from the roof tops(But I do know what constitutes slander & libel lol) Either my business is going to go belly up because I’ve really offended the community or it’s going to thrive because my Quick Lube Bikini Bar is just what the community wants or somewhere in between.

If I have the choice of buying my coffee from a lady who makes everyone welcome to her shop or a guy with a “straights only” sign on his shop door, I’m going to get my coffee from the lady, because it fits my personal beliefs better.

I’m not going to the Jewish bakery asking for them to make me an Easter Cake or the Muslim butcher and ask them for a pork roast and then get upset if they don’t/won’t accommodate my needs.  I’m going to take my business and my money to places that will willingly and happily provide the services and goods I want.

This bill could actually represent a great business opportunity for many people.  As the Religious Right are putting up “No Gays Allowed” signs, now is the perfect time to put up your “everyone is welcome” sign especially in the social services fields!  There will be a need for social workers and therapists to fill in the gaps within the adoption & foster care fields in Mississippi.

This bill does NOT ban, stop or impede gay marriage or stop LGBTQ couples from planning and holding weddings.  In fact, there is specific wording that says that a State employee such as a county clerk or justice of the peace who feels bound by their personal religious/ moral beliefs on the matter MUST provide written notice as such to the State and can NOT impede LGBTQ couples from receiving services.  The State must insure that there is a clerk or JP who will provide the services.

Personally I think it’s stupid to sue someone to try and force them to provide me with services, and I think it’s stupid to run a business and to turn down business!