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I both love and hate dog rescue.  I hate the pain, suffering and depravity that humans inflict on the animals around them.  I love being able to help even one of them.

Right now I’ve got 8 dogs at my place 7 of which will probably never leave my house even though most of them are foster dogs.  I’ve also got 10 cats…yeah…I don’t really want to talk about them.

One of the main things I do these days is going to the local shelters(within 90 minutes of my house) and evaluating dogs for about 6 different rescue groups.  This week I have evaluated and pulled 3 dogs out of shelters in East Texas.  I love being able to take a dog on their Freedom Ride!

On Monday the 10th I was able to pull Wolfie, a Pomeranian mix, out of the high kill shelter in my town.  They do the best they can, but they simply do not have the space to deal with the number of animals that come through their doors.Wolfie Pom 4-10-16

On Wednesday I was able to pull Dixie, a Mastiff-American Bulldog mix, and Honey a pure bred Pomeranian out of another kill shelter about an hour south of me.  Dixie was born with a ‘club foot’ and for one reason or another the problem wasn’t addressed when she was a little puppy.  Now at 7 months old and 55 pounds we are working on how to fix it!