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The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks – There are some “spoilers”(not really if you have ever read a Nicholas Sparks book before) in this review so fair warning if you continue to read below the line! 🙂 

I figured I should probably get this book out of the way quick or I would find it to be the very last book on list and I would have to end the year with an icky taste in my mouth.

I decided to make The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks one of my audio book selections so that I couldn’t put it down and move on to something else as I can only have 1 audio book on my phone at a time.  I worked and I powered through it this week.

I don’t think I have read this before as I avoid Sparks’ books like Ebola- I started to say “like the plague” but there is a chance of recovering from the plague, so for the right reasons I might risk the Plague!-anyway, this book seemed like deja-vu. Serious Deja-vu

Basic premise of most of Spark’s books, pretty young girl meets handsome young boy, something bad happens, after some teenage angst(or a death via cancer) the pretty young couple gaze off into the setting sun.

Yeah, I’m not a huge Sparks’ fan. But I’ll be honest, this isn’t the worst of the books I’ve read of his. Sparks’ writes with three different voices: Ronnie the 18 year old girl, Will the 18 year old romantic male interest, & Steve, Ronnie’s father who is dying of stomach cancer.

The Audio book was great as there were two narrators, one male & one female.  The change in voice was not just tone, but a true change of voice.

As with most of the Audiobooks I listen to, I had to increase the speed the listening speed to keep my mind from wandering as I listened.

The book is a hopeful love story.  Perhaps i’m just too jaded, disenchanted to enjoy this type of story. I’m going to give it 2.5 stars, just because the grammar is correct, and his descriptions are detailed.