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Well…I didn’t plan it, but I read quite a bit the last 2 days.  An old favorite popped up on my Kindle and I couldn’t help but read it actually fulfilled #19 a Sci-Fi book.  That old favorite was Anne McCaffrey’s To Ride Pegasus.

The first book in what many know as her Talent series.  I ended up  reading the first 3 books(#40 a random pick & #43 an added book) which outline the beginning of the recognition by humans that Psychic abilities are a reality. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Telempathy, & Clairvoyance, or Pre-Cog  all become recognized and treasured abilities which help humanity reach out into the Universe and colonize other worlds.

Anne McCaffrey was a gifted storyteller, but luckily for us a very prolific one!

Always a 5 star read!!!