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I hate clothes shopping.  I have never really enjoyed it, don’t think I ever will. My body has never fit what ever imaginary girl/woman is used to create the patterns.  I’ve always been small breasted with a long torso, big hips & thighs.  Then the arms came along.

As I gained weight, starting at around 300 pounds I also developed very large upper arms.  I hate them.  As my weight went up they just got worse.  I got to the point where I was buying my shirts just to fit my arms.

Sadly, as I have lost some of the weight this hasn’t changed at all.  I’m still buying my clothes 2-4 sizes larger then my body requires in order to fit my arms into the sleeves.  at my heaviest weight(376 was my highest recorded, but I think I got closer to 400) I was wearing a size 34/36W dress shirt, size 32w pants, and a 52B bra.

Now that I’m almost 10 months out from having Gastric Sleeve done I’m down 134 pounds from my high weight and I’ve been wearing size 22/24W shirts, 20W pants and I’m into 42B bra.

Just on a whim the other day i tried on a tank top and realized I could easily wear an 18W tank top!  I hate to admit it, but I do get a little rush out of being able to buy smaller clothes.  It’s just so WEIRD!  I’m still reaching for 26/28W stuff and I really need to be grabbing the 18/20W clothes.

But, I hate clothes shopping with my mom and my sister.  We all have very different opinions in what looks good on me and I’m not usually comfortable in the clothes they think I should wear. So I took the opportunity this last week to pop into Catherine’s and see what was on the clearance racks.  I ended up trying on dresses to see if there was something to consider for Easter.  And I found out that I could get into a size 14/16w sleeveless dress!!


I haven’t worn a size 16W probably since I was 16!  But then there is the issue of my arms.  do I cover them up or let them hang out for the world to see??

The decision was to cover them up, if nothing else, black is still slimming!  Please do excuse the bumps and bulges, I hadn’t planned to try on dresses and had on no shape wear…shape wear is my friend!

I actually ended up buying this dress from Lane Bryant (although after seeing my credit card statement this morning it’s going back!!)


I almost cried when this dress(also a size 16w) zipped up and I could still breath!

My sister shared a new clothes website with me last night that has a lot of promise! http://www.eshakti.com  they have lots of great dresses in the $65-$100 range, and you can modify both the neck lines, sleeves and hems for a small additional fee.

I think I will be ordering something from them soon!