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A dear friend of mine suggested that I look at a Brené Brown book for my “self-help” category.  So I agreed and I chose to listen to Men, Women, & Worthiness as one of my audio book titles for this challenge.

Today when  I started it I realized that it wasn’t an actual book, but a pod cast of sorts.  It doesn’t meet the criteria for this Challenge!  But after listening to Brené Brown talk for 2 hours I knew I needed to call and cuss out my friend!  Cause dammit, now I’m going to have to read her other books and apply them to my life.  I have to learn and grown & expand my self awareness, and that crap can hurt!!!

So I have updated the Book Challenge page to reflect change to an actual book written by Brené Brown.

I also called my BFFs and told them they have to listen this pod cast ASAP!!!