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My brother S & I share a few things in common, one of which is our love of books and especially well written sci-fi/fantasy.  When I saw this on my challenge list, he was my Go-To person for a new book to read.  He gave me several different Authors and Series, but Elizabeth Moon stood out for me.

For this book I read Trading in Danger by Elizabeth Moon.  It’s the first book in the Vatta’s War series.  I knew of Elizabeth Moon as she co-wrote several books by the amazing, and much missed, Anne McCaffery.

I had planned to just read this book, but on an unexpected road trip last Friday K & I needed an audio book to listen to, and this one popped up on the list.  I suffered through the first 1/3 of the book listening to a nice, but underwhelming narrator. I decided to finish reading the book instead of listening to it.  Thank goodness! the story greatly improved when I was able to read in the emotion and voice tenor changes that the narrator couldn’t manage.

Ky Vatta wanted to be more then the captain of a shipping transport, so she went off to the Military Academy only to find her bright future in the Military disappear because she tried to help the wrong person.

Now her loving Father has sent her out as the Captain of her own ship, a pity run really, to get her away from the prying eyes of the press mainly, but also to see if she has what it takes to be a true Vatta Captain.

True to her Vatta family name, Ky lands herself in a grand adventure of risky transport/trade agreements, interplanetary war, space pirates & well meaning family.

Parts of this book felt a bit flat to me, but I think much of it was due to hearing the first part of it being read aloud, and then when I moved over to my Kindle version I had a corrupted file that messed with the formatting of the text.  Not so much problems with the actual book/writing just the forms I was try to read!

For a sci-fi book I would give this 3 of 5 stars.  I enjoyed it enough that I’m going to read the next book in the series!