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Yes, I know, I’m sitting in Bellevue not Seattle! Get over it!

C & I were able to take a few hours to ourselves yesterday as CR was back in SCHOOL!! yeah for school!  CR is a good kid, but she can be emotionally draining.  Major kudos to C & J for their continued patience. I’m not sure if she was my kid either of us would survive to her 14th birthday.

We started our morning by heading into Seattle proper to visit Elliott Bay Book Company.  We arrived before they opened so we popped into the Oddfellows Cafe for coffee & tea.


A quick note this first picture of the front door is NOT mine, I snagged it from Endlessly Enraptured, you can read en-depth about their visit to Oddfellows Cafe here.  My picture of the cafe kind of sucked!  The pictures of the coffee and tea were taken by C & I though!!

I ordered the Lavender Earl Grey Tea & C had a Mocha.  They were both very good.  I wish I had looked to see what brand of Tea they used.


I liked the Cafe, but it was quite loud for 9:30 AM.  They were playing a nice music mix, but thanks to the wooden floors and the high ceilings, the voice and music just bounced around.

At 10 we headed next door to Elliott Bay Book Company.  Sadly, it was just a book store.  A very nice book store, but still just a book store.  I don’t know what I had it built up as in my head, but it was a bit of a let down.  Of course, no matter if it’s the little Mom & Pop store on the corner or the Flag Store B&N, I could spend hours looking at books.  I did picked up Pastrix by Nadia Bolz-Weber from the discount table. wp-1456251407943.jpeg I’m always on the look out for books that might expand my spiritual views/concepts/vision.  I’m several chapters into it, and despite our obvious theological differences, I am finding a lot of Oh, that’s how I feel! sections. I think this book safely falls into one of categories of my reading challenge.

After Elliott Bay Book Company we headed up to Bothell and the Country Village Shops where Keepsake Cottage Fabrics resides, again the picture of the building isn’t mine, it is from the Country Village Shops website.


If you are looking for a great quilt fabric shop in the Seattle area, I would tell you to go and check out Keepsake Cottage Fabrics!! They had a great selection of quality quilt fabrics from Civil War Reproductions to bright modern prints and everything you could think of in between.

I ended up buying these adorable Sock Monkey Ballerina prints in both  pink and purple to make Baby B a quilt.  I could have easily spent $$$$$$$ at this shop!!

wp-1456265652027.jpegIn the same set of shops we also found Yarn of Eden, a cute little yarn store.  They didn’t have a huge variety of yarn, but it was a warm and friendly shop!  They offer open knitting time! Any time the store is open and they aren’t holding a class you are free to come in and sit in one of their comfy chairs and knit away and chat with the staff.  The next stop down the row was O’Malley & Potter, a new age-y type store, full of Tibetan Singing Bowls, crystals and stones of all sorts, and it was here I discovered some outrageously yummy smoked sea salt!  I ended up with two different types, Apple-wood & Alder.  We ate some of the Alder last night on Roasted Asparagus and…well I’ll channel my inner teenager and just say OMG!!!

Sadly, before we could go to any of the other shops our time ran out and we had to head back to Bellevue to pick up CR from school.

Fast Forwards

It’s now 2:30 PM Tuesday; I’m sitting at the SEA-TAC airport waiting for my flight back to Dallas.  Of course it has to be one of the most beautiful days since I’ve been here! Sunny & Clear.  Had a gorgeous view of the snowy mountains on the drive to the airport.

I hate to go back to reality.  If only this level of contentedness happened in my every day life.  It’s been amazing to be able to write like this all the time!!  They are getting ready to start boarding my flight, so alas, It’s time to say farewell to Seattle(and surrounding areas) until the next time!!