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Wednesday morning C, CR & I headed out.  We had a few errands to run on our way to drop the car off for a second opinion and possible repair.  After C & her husband J had a chance to talk, they decided to repair the car if it was going to be less than $1000 to fix.

Car didn’t give us any major problems on the way to the shop, but it sounded off, and was  tad sluggish to respond to the gas.  We got to the repair shop and were thrilled!  Everyone spoke clear precise English, no one tried to make us feel like stupid women who don’t know anything about cars.  Barry thought he knew what was wrong with it and it would be well under $1000 to fix and asked that we leave the car with him.

We happily gave him the keys and called for an Uber car to come and take us home!  This is the second time I’m used Uber and I LOVE it!! So much quicker and nicer than using a cab and I actually feel safer then taking a cab.  A very nice lady named Sally came and picked us up and took us back to the house, even making a quick stop at the grocery store on the way.

We ran the numbers at the house and realized that money wise it would probably be better rent a car for a day then to take several Uber rides to do the things we had to do.  That would also allow us to do the things we WANTED to do too.

I found a good price at Enterprise and called them to come and pick us up.  CR picked that time to have a melt-down and a start to act out.  When the driver arrived CR was still in full swing, so I went to get the rental by myself.

30 minutes later I was leaving with a great Nissan Altima.  Normally I don’t get any kind of insurance coverage on my rentals as my personal car insurance covers me if anything happens.  But I agreed to an extra $10 fee to cover damage this time, and I’m so glad I did.

I made it less then a mile before some fool tried run me off the road to make a lane change.  I had to jerk the car into the curb to keep him from taking out the front panel of the car. Joy of joys, the seal on the tire broke and I now had a flat.  Even better I’m in a high traffic area with no shoulder! I had to limp another half mile with my hazards on, going 5 miles an hour until I got to gas station where I could pull in and safely change the tire.


I called Enterprise immediately and asked them what they wanted me to do. I know how to change a tire, I’m not a weakling or an idiot.  I just didn’t know if they wanted me to run on the small donut for 24 hours or bring it back in and switch out cars. They asked me to change the tire and bring it back in. Okay, no problem.

It’s now 5 PM at a busy corner 76 station in Bellevue.  I’m parked right next to a Food Truck, which is doing very good business. At least 25 cars full of men, many of them blue collar workers come in and get Tacos from the truck next to me while I’m changing the tire.  Not a single one asks if I need help.

In Texas I would have had at least 2 men, usually in cowboy hats, stop and offer to change the tire for me, and being a smart woman, not a die hard feminist, I would have LET THEM!

But since there were no helpful Cowboys in sight, I changed the tire myself and headed back to Enterprise and switched out my now hobbled Altima for a Ford Fusion.  Just an FYI, the Altima is the nicer car!

We had a great Friday on Whidbey Island, which I will write about later, and had to return the rental around 4:30 PM and pick up C’s car by 6 PM.  I called Enterprise to make sure they had someone who could take us to the repair shop, and was informed that I should return it to a different location closer to the repair shop but further away from where we were at the moment.  That meant we weren’t going to get there at our check in time.

Shortening a long, long story, we FINALLY made it to return the rental after Google Maps sent us to the wrong place , a very nice lady took us back to the repair shop and we made it back to the house without any other major issues.

Hopefully my car adventures are finished for a while!!