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I’m back in Seattle with my dear friends C & J, and their daughter CR.  J had to be away on a business trip this week while CR is out on a school holiday and C needs a bit of back up.  CR is 14 going on 4 and 24 all at the same time.  Emotionally draining doesn’t even start to cover life for C right now. So I’m here to be her wing man this week 🙂

I’m so happy to be here!!  Not only do I get to spend a full week with my dearest friends, I also get a break from K & Baby B and all the drama that is my life right now.  We had thought about having K & Baby B come with us, but after pricing it out with airfare, hotel and a rental car it would have been over $2000 for us visit.  So I cut a deal with K.  We will be going to Walt Disney World(WDW) the end of May, and I get to spend a week in Seattle now.

WDW isn’t my first choice of places to celebrate my 40th birthday, but if it will bring a touch of peace to my life between now and then I’m good with it!