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My microwave died about a month ago and I decided not to replace it!  So I am using the toaster oven to do all of my baking & reheating.  This change requires changing a lot of things including the tools and equipment I use.  I’m also trying to downsize my cookware to help with portion control and this is one of the best finds I’ve made yet!


A small silicone baking dish!  I found these at Dollar Tree, for $1 of course.  If filled to the very top they hold 1.5 cups of liquid.  They are oven safe and work for everything from pot pies to jello!  And for only $1 I don’t care that Baby B keeps stealing this one to wear as a hat 🙂

I already had silicone muffin cups, but these work better for casserole type foods like shepherd’s pie, taco pie, tater-tot casserole or layered enchiladas.  They are also great for making sugar free protein brownies!!!