So I’m wishfully searching Travelocity for cheap flights out of Dallas or Houston.  Hawaii is $940…so not going to spend my 40th birthday on the beach.  So, just for a laugh I type in St Petersburg Russia.  $400.  WHAT?? $400

I can fly from Dallas to St Petersburg Russia cheaper then I can fly to Hawaii. BOOM mind is blown.  I can afford $400!!!!!  OMG…I could spend my 40th birthday in Russia..I know for millions of Russians this isn’t a big deal…but WOW…

Tallinn Estonia & St. Petersburg Russia have been on my “Someday I will travel” list since I was a teenager.  They are full of art, history & amazing architecture.  Tallinn & St. Petersburg are only 4 hours apart by train. I could fly into St Petersburg, spend a few days, take the train to Tallinn and spend a few days there and then a few more days in St. Petersburg before flying home.

The BFF has been called and she is doing research on her end to see if she could take the time off, and if she would enjoy the trip.  I’m totally ok going by myself, but it would be nice to have her with me!  We both enjoy the same kind of laid back vacations where we just sit back and soak in the atmosphere.

Time to start planning in earnest!!