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So I’m taking the plunge.  I applied to go back to school to be an LVN/LPN(that’s the level below a Registered Nurse).

The plan is to end up an RN eventually, but the LVN program is only a year long, and I will have a job within hours of passing my licensing test.  I can work for year or so and save up the money to go back for my RN.

I’m looking at being a traveling nurse.  I can take 3-6 month assignments pretty much anywhere I want in the  US.

Texas would be my home base.  I could come back to see my family every 6-8 weeks for a long weekend.  Take several weeks or even a month home between contracts.

The thing I like the most? The contracts cover rent & utilities.  In some areas it also covers a car.  All I would need would be my cell phone & internet.  I could save a LOT of money quickly.

Now to take the screening test and be accepted!  Deadline is March 1st!