First an apology for being away for so long.  Life has been…sucky of late. I really didn’t want to write about the suck-age, or create trite, fakely cheerful posts that lack all sincerity.

Side by side face

So, I’ve lost a total of 118 pounds.  I’m only about 15 pounds away from my weight when I graduated Academy(high school).  Unfortunately, I don’t have the skin of an 18 year old any more.  Things that should be tight are saggy, things that should be high are low etc etc etc.

Shapewear has become my friend, and I wear it on a regular basis.  I’ve had an apron of belly fat for a number of years and while it has shrink, I’ll always have the saggy skin, at least until I can get a tummy tuck in a year or two.

For the first time in about 5 years I am comfortably able to wear heels for several hours at a time.  I bought a cute pair of ankle boots with a thick 2 1/2 inch heel. I love them!

I spent a week in Central California with my BFF of 25 years right before Thanksgiving. I felt great! I wore make up most days, wore my boots and while I might not have looked glorious, I at least felt marvelous and slightly sexy at times. I was the same size as my BFF for the first time EVER.

Donner Lake Nev 2015

Have to get my butt ready for work, and the real world! More posted SOON!