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It’s been a week since I got my settlement check.  I was shocked, it was almost my full 60%(much less than 6 figures)  There is still a chunk being held in escrow for the insurance lien negotiations. Depending on how those go I may get another check.  I’m not counting on getting any of that back, I figure the insurance will get it all.  If not, it will be a nice surprise for next year.

But this money is a blessing and a curse.  I want to spread the wealth as they say, but not to my own determent. I bought my sister a very nice used mini-van, which is what she wanted.  The understanding is that we are borrowing this money from ourselves and will be paying it back in over time.  I also wrote a large check for new flooring for our house.  It’s taking more than 50% of my remodeling budget, but hoping it will get K off my back about the house.

I put just shy of 25% of the money in an interest bearing savings account as an “emergency fund”.  So in the case we have an unforeseen expense/emergency we can dip into that money instead of struggling and stressing over how we are going to pay for it.

Between the car, the remodel, the emergency fund, & my Tithe there isn’t really any “fun” money.  It’s frustrating and a bit disappointing.  I was hoping to get at least one good vacation out of this money…but being an adult, and placating my sister is more important…I guess.

I’m feeling just a bit blue.