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I sent an email to my paralegal yesterday, asking for a status update on my case.  I & my group(we are spite up into groups of 20-30 women) signed off on our settlements back in January, and I have been expecting to hear from the Insurance/Medical Lien Negotiation Team for a few weeks now.

Was a but upset when I got up this morning and had no email from Lorena the Paralegal.  Normally she responds the same day I email if I contact her before 3pm.

She called me this afternoon and gave me a HUGE SHOCK.  My first disbursement check will arrive TOMORROW!!!!!  About half of the women in our group were signed off on to receive our first payouts.  Have absolutely no clue how much I will be getting.  She said she didn’t have the checks in front of her, but there would be a letter explaining exactly how it has all been broken down included with the check.

I was not expecting any money until December if not into the first months of 2015, due to some paperwork issues some of the other women in my group had/created.  I’m thrilled.  I was actually getting ready to call my Mother this evening and ask her if I could borrow a pretty big chunk of change(at least for me) so that I could get some much needed home repairs completed.  Instead I was able to call and tell her the good news.

Since I have no clue how much I’m getting my mind is going a dozen different ways on what needs to happen first with it.  SO many options.  I’m going to be depressed if they are fedexing me a check for $500…and possibly homicidal.