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Today, I was told I was two steps away from being an “atheist”…not even sure what that means(the two step part, I know what an atheist is), although it was meant to be hateful/hurtful and make the other person feel better about themselves.

This is what started our conversation:12011196_184941765170260_1238475484526887763_n I pointed out that I thought only the bottom two could actually be compared to each other, as you can’t force a business to supply a service they do not already provide.  So, in my opinion, legally you would not be able to force Jewish/Muslim or even Vegetarian/Vegan caterers to provide pork or meat that they would not provide to their regular customers.  I disagreed with the post about the atheist business. My thought is 1 of 2 things would happen.  1. the Atheist is a business person and realizes that they will lose money if they do not provide Christmas themes and wouldn’t turn down the business or 2. The Christian who was turned away from the Atheist bakery wouldn’t take the time or energy to sue, they would just find a different bakery.

Do I think that the Christian bakers have been treated harshly? YES, this has been blown way out of proportion.

Do I think that the Christian bakers were wrong? Sort of.  I don’t think anyone should be forced to go against their personal beliefs.  But if we change Gay to Asian or Hispanic this would have been a no brain-er.  As a legal business you can not provide a service to one group and not another…if for no other reason it’s bad for business!  You are paid to provide a service, not approve or officiate.  All that was required in this situation was a bit of tact, and business sense.  Instead of saying “We don’t do GAY wedding cakes” you say “I’m so sorry, but our schedule can’t accommodate your wedding cake/date. But you might try Suzie Q Cakes over on 5th St.”

I was reminded by the person in question that I don’t attend Church regularly and I don’t strictly follow what the Bible says and that as a Christian, and especially as an Adventist that was just unacceptable.  They were outraged that I would dare to “support” gay marriage and I was just “two steps from being an Atheist”

And I’m ok with that, if it means showing someone Christian love & kindness when they might need it the most.