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I’ve debated the idea of getting a tattoo for years.  Most of my die hard Christian friends believe that the Bible forbids it thus it’s a no go without being considered a back-sliding Christian.

I personally believe that the Biblical forbidding of Tattoos is for a specific type of tattoo stemming from the Egyptian Sun God Ra and the Egyptian beliefs regarding entry into the Afterlife.  Where specific tattoo designs were given religious significance and power and God wanted the Israelites to break away from everything related to their Egyptian overlords.  Again, just my personal beliefs based on my own research into the topic.

Tattoo Ideas:  Years ago I came up with the idea of getting a tattoo to commemorate my weight loss, assuming it ever happened.  The original idea was something like this:

Celtic Dolphin1

There would be three dates, My surgery date, the date I hit the 100 pounds lost mark, and the date when I hit my final goal weight.  Ideally I would get it done after I had what ever plastics done I planned on doing.

While I still love this idea, I have matured and my tastes have changed in some ways since I came up with this idea 15+ years ago.  And other things have happened in my life that bring other ideas forward.

At this point I’m contemplating getting 2 or 3 small tattoos, or one largish one and 1 or 2 tiny ones.  Here are some other options I’m thinking about.

Hyacinth Hippo: I fell in love with her as a fat teenager watching Fantasia for the first time on VHS in 1990.  She is beautiful, graceful and one amazing Prima Ballerina! She was one of the key inspirations for the name of this blog!  And I love the water color/sketch look too vs. the actual cartoon. This would be my weight loss tattoo.

Moose:  My paternal grandmother(who I strongly look like) was Ada Moose. A. Moose.  It has been a long running joke in the family that we are so big because we are a quarter Moose.  My sister & I have been talking about getting matching Moose tattoos. I really like the filigree Moose…but we may just get a basic little moose…NOT a cartoon moose, unless it’s the dude with the sunglasses!

Semicolon:  Project Semicolon and the associated tattoos have taken off the last couple of years. I’m not one to be trendy, but when it something this personal and con be combined with something artistic it gets some major consideration too. I love A, with the color scheme of E

Lotus: The lotus grows out of the mud and muck of waterways, yet once it makes it way to the surface through the dark water it unfurls into a beautiful blossom. The symbolism and meaning connected the lotus flower is vast and deep.  For me it is a symbol of renewal, courage, growth and expanding of self or self-awareness.  More than likely it will be blue, as blue symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge.  In religious art a blue lotus is never shown completely open signifying that the growth of mind & spirit is never truly finished.