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I find myself trying to steal time away to be alone.  I never seem to be alone any more, at least not in a meaningful way.  My sister, the baby, my parents or my clients are always nearby.

There is a difference between going to your room with other people in the house and being the only one in the house.

Home life, as my usual, is difficult.  I don’t know if it is just excess hormones or just insanity that is causing more communication issues then is normal, even for us.

Money has been tighter than normal as K hasn’t even attempted to find a job since the Great Aunt she was doing Home Care for passed away the end of June.  Yet I’ve decided to struggle along(cause what choice do I really have?) until I can get the house repaired and in good enough condition that I can move someone in for Adult Foster Care. K would then be responsible for the house and the paperwork related to the care of this person.

But for the last 8 months K and I have pretty much been stuck with each other outside of work hours.  Where I need alone time, she needs people time.  And usually her people time trumps my alone time, just because I would rather have to spend my alone time with her quietly doing something, then spend my alone time listening to her fuss and carry on about all of my horrible habits and my need to “isolate” her from the rest of humanity.

My two hours of Yoga a week have become my saving grace of late.  Time where even though I’m in a room full of women, it’s quiet and I can still my mind and focus on my body.  If I’m lucky and the teacher is in a good mood we get extra meditation/relaxation time at the end of class.  The downside is that Yoga is Tuesday Night & Wednesday mornings, so it’s all clumped together in the middle of the week.

I’m hoping to be able to start taking the yoga classes that are on Monday & Wednesday mornings.  It’s the next level up from the Introduction class I’m doing right now.

I have gained strength without a doubt over the last month of doing yoga,  and I’m holding onto my flexibility as I lose weight.  But the mental aspect of it I think I’m enjoying the most.  The calm that I’m able to find as I really focus on my practice.