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Today I bought a 3 session pack with a personal trainer at my gym.  She has experience with Bariatrics and know about rapid weight loss and surgery restrictions.  I mainly am planing on using her to get a weight training routine set up.

This morning we ran through all of the different machines, she showed me what she wanted me to do and wrote down all of the settings on each machine so I can quickly and easily do them all on my own.  Going to try going 6-8 weeks between sessions with her so she can adjust the list as the weight comes off.

A couple of weeks ago, K & I were rear ended.  Long story short, our only vehicle is going to be totaled by the insurance company because it will cost almost as much to fix as the car is worth, even though the car still runs just fine with no frame damage.  We had thought to buy it back with a salvage title, but we are a bit upside down on the loan and the lender is not being very helpful.  Tried to explain that the car is our own car, and if we lose it, we also lose our sole income(MINE) and they will never get the remaining balance on the loan because we will HAVE NO INCOME.  Hopefully we will hear back from a supervisor tomorrow, and can figure something out.  My old habits of numbing my anxiety with food wants so badly to kick in and help me stop feeling so anxious and sad. But I’m fighting it!! Off to make a cup of soothing tea!