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I got rear ended today.  K and the Tiny Dictator were with me.   No one was seriously hurt.  I’ve got some minor muscle pain, and K tweaked her lower back/hip.  She got checked out at the ER and they have her some of the good pills and sent her home with orders to go and sit in the jacuzzi at the gym.

The car runs, but the hatchback & bumper are toast.  I’ve got to take it in tomorrow and have an estimate done on it.  I don’t know yet if insurance is going to give us a rental or not.

Part of me hopes that the frame is bent and they will have to total it, so we can get something that is better suited to our current needs…on the other hand I don’t know that we would get approved for another car loan at this point.

We are taught that God does not give us more than we can handle…I’m just concerned that He has me confused with someone else!!!