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So I got up and went to a 7:30am water aerobics class. I was the youngest person there, but the group is awesome! They start their class by holding hands and having a short prayer. A very nice friendly group.  I’m hoping I can go again next week.  I’m trying not to let K know how much I enjoyed it as I’m sure she will try to keep me from going…

Sadly the stress relief didn’t last long. I got home at 9:20 to K going off at me about how horrible and inconsiderate I am.  According to her I told her I would be home at 8:45…..which I know isn’t correct as the class doesn’t end until 8:30 and it takes me at least 20 minutes to shower and get dressed and then 15 minutes to get home!

She is now off to the gym.  Hopefully she will work off some of this rage she has built up.  Cause I’m sick of it.  I have enough of my own emotional baggage to deal with, without having to bear the brunt of hers!  Now of to try and get a load of laundry done while she is gone!