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The Supreme Court Of The United States ruled today that no State may keep same sex couples from getting married and must recognize their unions.

Today was both a sad day and a day of triumph depending on where you are sitting.

I’m excited for my GLBT friends & Family!  Everyone deserves the joys of legal marriage, divorce, alimony & child support! (says the perpetually single woman)

I’m sad for my non-gay Christian friends & family who see this as Hell come to earth and the end of the World as we know it.

Like with many things in my life, I can see both views.  I feel the pain, to some degree, on both sides.  

As a some what intelligent, Christian woman I’m going to leave the whole “Homosexuality is a sin” thing up to God.  I’m not the Judge when it comes to sin, because God knows I’ve got more than enough of my own to be trying to mess with your sins too.  As a some what intelligent Christian woman I am called to LOVE those around me with out putting qualifiers on it.

So I love my GLBT friends, and I love my hard-core, right wing, Evangelical friends and today I’m happy that they will be treated the same way under the laws/eyes of our ruling government.