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I LOVE my dogs.  All of them.  I love them a lot.  That is the reason we currently have 8 dogs.  Technically 4 of them are fosters for one of my rescue groups, but since they have all lived with me for more than 3 years I’m thinking they are here for good.

I thought we were going to lose Hans, a black lab mix, a few weeks ago.  He got out of the yard during a storm and came home the next day with a nasty looking cut on his back leg and the whole leg was swollen and inflamed.  Of course it happened 2 days before we were suppose to fly out to San Diego for our surgeries.  I took him to the Vet and left him in her care with the instructions that if she couldn’t save the leg, she was to euthanize him for me.  As much as I hated the idea of putting down a dog without being with them, there really weren’t any options.  There is no way that I could afford the surgery costs for a leg amputation…they run about $1500.

Luckily my Vet was able to save the leg and his treatment and a week of boarding cost me less than $500.  My Vet is awesome about giving me rescue discounts!

In other news, the wonderful Soy-free, corn-free CHEAP dog food that I have been using for several years did something new and now my dogs won’t eat it!!  Every single one of them started losing weight.  So I have had to go to a more expensive food that they love.  a cost difference of $75 per month… YEA me.

Fleas from Hades and other icky places:  The fleas and ticks have been HORRIBLE for the last 2 years.  This year we are trying our dogs on Nexguard a new monthly chewable that treats both fleas and ticks!  Downside is that it is $25 per pill to get if from the vet. $25×8=$200…I do not have $200 a month extra in my budget at this point in time.  So we are only treating our little dogs at the moment where I can split up a big chew to 3 or 4 dogs…the other dogs I pick over every day.

I’m not as active in rescue as I once was, but do what I can.  I did an evaluation and transport for a great Lab girl on Sunday going to Texas Sporting Breed Rescue in the DFW area.  Having a soon to be 2 year old, 4 cats & 8 dogs kind of limits the options 🙂

Adopt a Rescue Dog!If you can’t Adopt, Foster!If you can’t Foster, Donate(time and/or money)!If you can’t Donate, Share the message of Rescue with everyone you can!!