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“what, you think you are smarter than the doctor?”

Yes. The answer to that question is YES, I do think I’m smarter than the average doctor/surgeon.  Does that mean I can perform surgery? No, but it does mean that I don’t blindly take everything that my WLS surgeon says as Gospel truth.

Every doctor is different, they have different requirements and  expectations.  But no two patients are exactly the same.

When I chose to have WLS in Mexico I knew that I would not be getting the same kind of post-op support that i would get if I had surgery here in Texas.  I don’t have an office nurse that I can call up when I have an issue or question.  So I have to be my own nurse, do my own research and figure out what is going to work best for me.

My Post op instructions said 10 days clear liquids, 10 days full liquids, 10 days Pureed/thick liquids and 10 days soft/blended food before I would move on to regular foods.  My surgeon told me before surgery I only needed 7 days.  Other doctors have you eating pureed/think liquids by day 3 post op.  It all varies by doctor.  I’m making the educated decision to move up my food timeline.  I’m responsible for my own actions.  My body will let me know if I’m majorly screwing things up or not.

I’ve joined several Facebook support groups for Gastric Sleeve, and I amazed at how many people never even THINK to question what they are told.  They are HIGHLY offended if you even consider questioning what the surgeon has said.  If your surgeon told you that you could NEVER eat a specific food again wouldn’t you think twice about it?? I know I would.  Never is a LONG time.