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I finished my book last night at 11:07, turn on my sleeping music and went to sleep.  Post-op sleeping is still fitful as I’m a stomach sleeper trying to sleep on a sore belly with 4 small incisions.

This morning at 6 am there is all kinds of banging on the hall and my door is opened, dogs rush in and jump on my bed, I can fuzzily see K holding Brenna in the doorway.  K announces that they have been up since 5:30 and they are driving to the next town over to meet my Mom & Q(the little boy she works with as a night nurse) for breakfast.  Do I want to come?  No. I do not. I get this disgusted sigh and “Thanks for the support!”  Dogs get kicked out of my bed and the door closed.  Much banging and thumping and the slamming of the front door as they leave.

I am so sick of this attitude!!  K has this idea that since we are living together raising Brenna that everything should be done in tandem…that’s not how this works.  She choose to be the SOLE parent! She willfully and purposefully chose to be Brenna’s only parent. Being a single parent sucks.  It means you get no day off.  K thinks that she should get days off, and I should pick up the slack.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mind taking care of Brenna.  But there is this constant expectation.

Back to this morning.  Last night K talked about the possibility of taking Brenna over to see Mom & Q for breakfast. I never indicated or expressed a desire to go.  I’m tired, I do not want to get up at 6am on a Sunday morning and drive 30 minutes to watch over people eat food that smells divine and I can’t eat!  That’s just nuts.  If K wants to go awesome, she has a car and knows how to drive it.  She is always fussing that she never gets to use the car when she wants to, that I have it for work all the time.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long day.  But at least there will be a few bright spots, the best of which will be a phone call with my dearest friend CL later this morning!!