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I survived having WLS in Mexico!  Over all it was a good trip.  The surgical center was clean & modern, the staff was nice.  They didn’t speak as much English as I was lead to believe, but we got by.  K had her gallbladder taken out too, and she had a lot more pain than I did.  There were a lot of little stressors that could have been avoided.

We really needed to stay a 2nd day in the recovery house.  K developed a migraine after surgery and couldn’t keep anything down.  I was a bit disappointed as to how that was dealt with too.

I’m currently having a touch of buyer’s remorse as I mourn the loss of food(at least for a while) and don’t feel so great.  It’s hard to swallow more than about a quarter of an oz. at a time right now, mainly due to the inflammation in my neck/throat from being intubated.  Today it’s a bit better and I’m enjoying some watered down apple juice 🙂

Now off to take a nap! More later 🙂