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I have spent this week rushing round trying to make sure everything is done before K & I leave for surgery tomorrow (Sunday).  I failed.  The main living areas of the house aren’t clean, I’m not packed, Brenna isn’t packed for Gramma’s house, and I have no passport card!

Passport crisis: We applied for our passport cards as soon as we figured out we were actually going to this for real.  The Houston Processing office usually only take 2-4 weeks even though they say 4-6 weeks.  The lady at the USPS who processed our applications said not to worry about it, that the cards are faster to receive anyway.  It has now been 4 weeks and no passport cards!!  I called on Tuesday, which isn’t a lot of help as I think they access the same online system I do.  I was informed that they are being “processed” but with all of the rain and flooding that Houston was shut down due to weather.  SO we are going to be traveling with just our DLs & our Birth Certificates….except I can’t find my BC!  SO Wednesday morning we packed up and drove 3 hours to my County of Birth to acquire a long form Birth Certificate.  Before anyone comments on it, Yes, I know that you can go to any county courthouse in the state of Texas and get a BC.  BUT it is a “short form” BC.  You can only acquire a “long form” BC at the “Court of Record”.  We are thanking God that it was my BC that we needed and not K’s as she was born in South Texas 8 1/2 hours away and across 3 flooded/closed interstates!

Today is day 6 of a 7 day liquid diet.  I have zero patience left.  If you give me any trouble I WILL take you down, especially if you are eating.  I have been good, I ate 10 raw almonds on the drive home from getting my BC to keep myself awake…figured eating was better than falling asleep at the wheel.

We took our “before” pictures Thursday night.  I’m not sure I will ever be able to post them, but they will be very useful to look at for comparison further down the road when I feel like I’m failing and not losing enough weight or fast enough or whatever.

So, I guess I’ll be posting on the flip side!  Will try to post something from the hospital after surgery!