It’s been so long since I posted anything I’m not sure there are any readers of my blog left, but I guess that’s okay.

Life has been crazy, frustrating, challenging yet somehow it never seems to change.  I’m struggling to keep life going as it should.  We have had a lot of highs and lows lately.

Baby B 11075024_10205980998105279_3004905327915219398_n

at 20 months is walking!!  She still doesn’t care to take more than a half dozen steps alone, she is at least taking a few!  We had an MRI done back in February to make sure there wasn’t a physical reason for her to not be walking at her age.  Neurologist said there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her as far was the MRI could detect and we were probably just dealing with “global delays” stemming from the drugs and alcohol her birth mom did while pregnant.  Our baby is getting to be such a “big” girl.  Even though she  is still a tiny little thing.  We are just now getting into 12 months clothes, and a lot of her 6-9 month dresses still fit.  When she is hungry she will sign the word “eat” and say “Nom, Nom” & “Yum” both of these things are my fault hahaha this picture was taking a couple of weeks ago after telling Grandma we needed “Noms” so she took us to Pizza Hut 🙂

To be continued!