Sorry I have been MIA for the last couple of months.  The best term I can think of is ‘tough’. The last 2 months have been tough.  October 19th, I hit a chunk of concrete in the middle of an Oklahoma road and tore the transmission out of K’s beloved car.  Insurance covered the replacement of the transmission, I’m told this is almost unheard of that we should be so lucky.

totalled-kiaNovember 6th – I totalled my car. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.  I got some beautiful dark purple bruises from the seat belt and air bag going off.  I had been texting and driving a big no-no, I know…had just put down my phone when I sneezed 4 or 5 times in a row.  When I opened my eyes up from the final sneeze the cars in front of me had stopped to let a tow truck pull into a driveway.  I took out the back end of a Yaris.  Again very blessed, no one was seriously hurt and the insurance, after dragging their feet for a week or so, totalled my car out and gave me a decent settlement on it.

November 10th – K slips off a 2 inch paver stone and rips all of the ligaments in her rightKirstin-ankle1 ankle.  She’s suppose to be in a walking boot and on crutches.  She isn’t do either.  She thinks she knows better than anyone.  Doc informs her that she can’t work until after New Years.  So she is off work…A small, tiny part of me thinks that she did it on purpose to compete with the attention I’m getting due to the car accident.  I know she didn’t…but…

November 15th – My boss informs me that I’m going to be picking up a new cient.  Not the easist guy to get along with.  Wants everything done on his time schedule, doesn’t care that you might be in the middle of something.  You need to drop what you are doing to take care of him.  This is going to be fun.

November 25th – Boss informs me that he is giving one of my other clients to the lady who was working with the new guy.   So I’m back to just 25 hours a week.  I’ve gotten use to having 80 hour checks.  It’s going to hurt to go back to 55 or 60 hour checks.

To Be Continued…