The problem with having your father as your main caregiver is the lose of learning “womancraft”(I’m assuming this is a THING, since I don’t have it)  Now I do have to be fair to Dad, I also grew up in a conservative Christian culture.  make up was minimal on wives, frowned upon in the teenagers and absolutely forbidden for the Preacher’s Kid.

I never learned how to paint finger nails, apply make up, or do hair.  I learned how to put my hair in a ponytail and finally in my early 20s I taught myself how to french braid.  I wore a touch of make up, just very basics: foundation, blush, lipstick, and on special events a hint of eye make up.  I still can’t apply eyeliner correctly.

I just didn’t have that kind of relationship with my Mom, she was always working, and she wasn’t a major girly girl either.  She was too busy being a nurse and supporting us.

But now at 38 I’m finding that deep down I have always wanted to be a girly girl.  I have played the tom-boy aspect because it was easier.  Plus being a big, big girl it’s just been easier not to try.

Through the end of the year though I’m going to make an effort to learn more…I have no illusions that somehow learning how to apply all of the bells and whistles of the make up world will transform me into some raving beauty.  I’m well aware of my physical short comings 🙂  But there are areas I like…like my lips.  I think I have pretty nice lips, and my eyes have their moments 🙂

So starting with the oil cleansing I’m going to work my way up to wearing make up more than once a year(I haven’t worn anything except tinted moisturizer and lipstick in the last year).  I’m tired of feeling frumpy and looking like the hobo of the group!