Woke up this morning super early to make sure that I could finish off my service logs for work(so I get paid on Wednesday!) to discover that my laundry wasn’t dry. So no dry towel, no shower.

Managed to finish most of my time sheets and logs, checked the bank account as my sister paycheck should have hit the bank at midnight…NOPE, there is only $5 in the bank!  My gas tank is sitting on E…I scrounge around and find $10 to put enough gas in my car to go and pick up my client and go to work today.  I stop to get gas, as I’m getting out of the car my cell phone catches the edge of the seat belt and go flying.  The screen shatters.  Luckily it still works…sort of.  Have to watch out for slivers and cuts, but it works.

On top of all of that the Baby is sick and just wants to be held.  I just want a vacation.  Only 2 more weeks to go.  I can make it two weeks…I can! I have to!.