Heard back from my law firm today.  They are going to have a “meeting” on 12/1/14 to discuss cases.  The paralegal is going to try and get my case on the list, but she can’t/won’t promise anything.  I’m suppose to contact them after the 1st for an update.

I’m frustrated.  My case was filed with the Court in November 2012. I signed with my lawyer in October of ’12…I know it’s only been two years, but this has almost become like the other shoe waiting to drop on me.

In a lot of ways I see this as my ‘get out of jail’ card.  Even if I only get enough money to get out of debt(50k including the house) I will be in such a better place!!  I would have the money and freedom to pick up and move…even if it’s just two towns over.

I’m trying to remember that it could be so much worse!  I could be one of the women who got sick at the very beginning!  There are still a few of them waiting too!  But they have been waiting 8-9 years.  I’m blessed!  There is a chance(a small one) that I will actually have a bit of money in my hand from this suit by this time next year.

I just have to try and remind myself I am so lucky in many ways.  Even though I lost my uterus and will forever freak out(at least inwardly) every time I have an asthma attack or get a cold, I don’t have any major medical issues that stem from this horrible event.  Many of the women, most who had less severe issues than me, will be on blood thinners for the rest of their lives!  They live with lung damage and medical bills that go on and on.  I’ve been able to walk away with only a few small scars, minor lung damage, some damaged blood vessels and some pain.  I’m Lucky.  Ready to be finished with this process, but lucky.