I consider myself to be a fairly conservative Christian. I believe that we all have a right to worship as we wish as long as we do not hurt others by our practice(child sacrifice, skinning cats alive etc.).  I have no more right to tell you how to worship than you have right to tell me.

I feel strongly that this applies to most areas of life, personal and professional.  Kind of like the physician’s oath/creed “First, do no harm”.

I guess for most “Conservative Christians” this is a conflict and is not possible for “good” Christians.

But I’m ok with that.  I don’t need to prove to others that I’m a “good” Christian.  I’ll hold on to my “conflicting” beliefs.

This week a beautiful woman I have known since high school  ‘came out’ so to speak, and announced her subsequent divorce from her husband of 14 years and introduced everyone to her girlfriend. While I’ve known since our high school days that C was more than likely a lesbian or at least bisexual, it was a shock for many people.  I got several messages say “But..but I thought she was a good Christian!?!”

Even more people were shocked that I wasn’t shocked and still considered C my friend.  As a good conservative Christian I should be turning my back on such horrible evil perversion.  Or even better I should be ranting and raving against her.  That’s what a good Christian should do.  We should take a stand again Satan and his minions(apparently this includes everyone who is not a good Christian).

So I am taking a stand.  I am standing on the side of love..be it little “l” love, Big “L” Love, or the all consuming LOVE.   I believe that God is LOVE.  How can I reflect the LOVE of God if I am hating someone?  How can I share the LOVE I believe in if I am focused on breaking someone else down because they don’t act or believe as I do?

I’ve got lots of other “conflicting” thoughts and beliefs, but I’ll just stick with these for tonight.