In case I have some readers in the Phoenix area!! I would trust Crazy Dog Lady with my dogs!! (or the human puppy, but I don’t think she would take her lol)

Adventures at Run A Muck Ranch

Sorry, not so much as a dog pic to be posted here.  This has nothing to do with dogs.

As you know, my day job is as a  landscape maintenance worker, where I am my only full time employee.

There are times, however, when I need additional help, and that is how I met E-.

E-‘s father has been working with me, on a very part time basis since E- was a wee one.  I remember E- coming to work with his dad, because there was no one to watch him, and he would quietly amuse himself in his dad’s vehicle.  Rarely did I ever hear a peep out of the kid.  Even when he did peep, it was at break times, and he was with his dad.

E- has grown up a little.  He will be graduating from High School on May 21.  E- is a very good student…

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