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Finances have been very tight for the last two months, and some weeks the ledger ink is pink.  Had to do a lot of robbing Peter to pay Paul kind of things as K as only worked about a third of her normal hours(which are minimal to start).  I’ve been trying to pray not for money, but for Faith that our needs will be provided.  It’s hard…I’ m a control freak.

It’s hard to look at the bank account and see there is only $2.55 in the bank and there are still 4 days until payday, and you KNOW you need gas.  Understand, a large part of my job is transportation of my clients.  If I don’t have gas I don’t get paid!  So I tend to stress over gas money.  It normally is earmarked directly after Tithe on the budget.

This last week I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  I knew that there wasn’t enough money to fill up my tank and I would need at least a full tank to get me through to payday.  We took some things back to Wal-mart and got a bit of money that way, and I managed a half tank.  I scrounged around and found another few dollars in change and added that to the tank too.

To make a long story short, God blessed in a HUGE way!  I made it to payday, on fumes, but I made it, and when I was able to fill up my tank and tally my MPG it was 40!!  My normal gas mileage is 28-30 with 32 being amazing!  My little Kia Spectra is a great car, but God touched it and made it AWESOME!!!

Now that payday has arrived with a new gas allowance I got 30mpg on my first tank of the week  The Goldilock days seem to have disappeared and I now need to run the A/C, which of course messes with the MPG.

I love that despite my questioning Faith that God continues to Bless me!